GameSpot: Gears of War: Judgment is Not for Babies

GameSpot writes: Epic and People Can Fly are building a Gears of War title that will challenge players instead of coddling them.

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konnerbllb2374d ago

You read my mind.

I loved gears 1 and 2, by the time 3 came around it just didn't have that appeal it once did. Gears 3 would have been a good place to end the series.

tigertron2374d ago

Since when has Gears ever been for babies?

fei-hung2374d ago

Yes, weird statement to make, but then again he could be talking about it not being a Kinect game :p

SnakeCQC2374d ago

i lost faith in epic after gears 2 and 3(never played one but both were crap and i only bought them because 360 doesn't have many first party games) bullet storm was okay

fei-hung2374d ago

So you played neither game but you know they were crap?!

Gears may not be the best thing since sliced bread but it sure as hell aint crap. Besides, if you going to say it is, at least give a reason unless you are trolling.

SnakeCQC2374d ago

i bought them and played them i meant i never played gears of war 1. The online in part 2 was abysmal and the gameplay didnt evolve in any meaningful war nor did the graphic raise any bars for either game halo reach was much better IMO ps3 first party games tend to look much better (this may appear like a fanboy comment but in fact it isnt i own an awesome pc a 360 and a ps3)

JimboG2374d ago

Gears 1 was the best campaign. You should jump on that.