Rest in Peace, Resident Evil

As hyped as I might have been before E3 for Resident Evil 6, the recent gameplay shown at the gaming industry’s biggest trade show has all but killed my excitement for Capcom’s latest iteration of the popular RE franchise. The Resident Evil series has always been known and loved for its survival horror roots, but after the release of Resident Evil 5, Capcom has opted for a more mainstream-friendly, action-packed vibe in its most well-regarded franchise. If RE5 was a departure from the tried-and-true theme of Resident Evil, then Resident Evil 6 is a complete and total 180.

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WeskerChildReborned2322d ago

Does anyone at Capcom listen to the fans? We wan't survival horror back well not all of us but most. I mean they say this will be survival horror but it doesn't look like it.

2322d ago
Chrono2322d ago

To me, it died long time ago.

DoctorXpro2322d ago

The game looked so bad, they did a very good Resident evil on 3ds and now when I watched re6 60min video gameplay I was so disappointed.

all I see was 2 bullets and melee attacks, so lame, and those moves on the floor looked like breakdance.

I no buying and RE was my favorite game series, RE1 and RE0 on gamecube good fucking times

Kyosuke_Sanada2321d ago

I still wonder what would have happened to modern day horrors if Resident Evil went with 3.5 scenario which not only took a psychological route due to being infected with the Progenitor Virus (similar to Jacob's Ladder) but may have signaled the death of Leon Kennedy....