$50 gift card with PS Vita, 100% trade-in bonus at Best Buy this week

XMNR: The PS Vita gets one of its most aggressive price promotions at Best Buy for the week of June 10, 2012 with a $50 gift card with both the WiFi and 3G/WiFi versions. Meanwhile, the PS3 gets a free copy of MLB 12: The Show and the retailer is still running with its 100% trade-in bonus promotion.

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Snookies123292d ago

I totally took advantage of this... Traded in a couple games and came out with 130 bucks lol.

NovusTerminus3292d ago

I would... But we have like the only Best Buy that doesn't take trade in's.

Snookies123292d ago

Well that sucks, Best Buy is kind of expensive, but can't complain if they're offering trades like these...

Queasy3292d ago

I did the same. Walked out with the last Skyrim Collector's Edition.

DrRichtofen3292d ago

Dang $130! what games did you trade in?

Snookies123292d ago

Uh, two Vita games (Unit 13 and Hot Shots), Naruto Generations, BF3, Sonic Generations, and Blazblue CS.

xyxzor3291d ago

In reality it's not that great of a deal. They give you pretty crappy trade-in value for the games. $14 bucks for Dragon's Dogma? Psh lol.

Ascalon943291d ago

Do you guys think its worth picking up the Vita with this deal??

Soldierone3291d ago

There are other deals floating around that give you afree game. I think it was target that also included a memory card. If you can find those I'd go with that.

Otherwise I guess this deal is good since you could just use the gift card to buy a big memory card instead of a game.

Ascalon943291d ago

I dont know whether to wait for the AC bundle that comes with a white vita or pick up this great deal. What do you think? PS nice avatar pic.

Soldierone3291d ago

It would be personal reference. I don't think you will be missing a whole lot if you waited. I mean you pretty much have the Metal Gear collection right now, the good games don't come out till Assassins creed hits really.

If you can wait, yeah I'd wait because it looks pretty cool and I enjoyed my white PSP.

Ascalon943290d ago

Yeah thats the problem though because I kind of want to have one when I start college which is early August. And this seems like a great deal especially to start the summer off. Overall I have a week to decide so we will see.