E3 2012: Top 5 Games that Didn’t Make the Show

While E3 is done and gone, the show still remains fresh in most players’ minds. There were a lot of great announcements and a lot of titles that stole the attention of the majority of the audience. This year’s E3 was nothing sort of impressive; players can’t wait to get their hands on the hit titles that were shown at the show. With that being said there are a few large games that didn’t make it to the show room floor.

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TheSuperior 2348d ago

Damn with all the new announcements i would have forgot about most of these besides Bioshock considering i did read the news that it wouldnt be there.

Does anyone know if rainbow 6 patriots and brothers in arms furious 4 are still coming out? i was excited for those.

iamnsuperman2348d ago

Brothers in Arms Furious 4 is a mystery. Apparently Ubisoft abandoned its trademarks relating to the game.

TheSuperior 2348d ago

Really!? thanks for the info. I thought that it looked pretty cool last year :/

RespectedDesperado2348d ago

I wanted to know more about Insomniac's new game Overstrike.

supraking9512348d ago

WHERE was Overstrike by Insomniac? They had one of the best trailers last year and I really want to know what they can do now that there multiplatform. New IPs won E3 but there wasn't many. Overstrike would have been the talk of E3

KontryBoy7062348d ago

The Last Guardian, Agent, GTA V,

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