Is this the most powerful gun in gaming?

Forget those mighty tree levelling guns in the N64 Turok games (if you can remember) and take a look at one of the latest games' weapons.

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WagFanger2349d ago

Slow news day on msxboxworld.


RaidensRising2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

No one else is actually talking about this game. Maybe because its not all that. But still. Wow u joined n4g just to moan at msxbox.

LostDjinn2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Well now that this has been approved how about you all take a look at who approved it and the report (I took a screen grab so taking it down will just reinforce my point). Everyone else has a problem because you created one and it's their fault?
Outstanding logic their chief.

Once again your sites' approach to ethics provides an object lesson in the failings of the internet.

Edit: Sorry I had to remove a word.

Somebody2349d ago

The guns are so powerful that they tore up the freaking walls!!

BUT...they couldn't scratch the sofas, the wooden cabinets, tables, fridge..stuff that the everyone are hiding behind.

dangert122349d ago

Clearly has not seen the bolt gun on killzone

kent800820072349d ago

No, the portal gun is the most powerful, I can make things accelerate to infinity and drop it on your head

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