THQ Sold UFC To EA Because It Wasn't Profitable

When EA announced that it had acquired the UFC license at its EA press conference, many wondered how it had wrangled it away from THQ, which held the rights to video games based on the popular mixed martial arts league.


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acemonkey3420d ago

lol more like dana white always wanted EA to make the UFC game,THQ was doing and okay job and their contracted was over. then dana white went to EA and EA said "hell yes"

NYC_Gamer3420d ago

THQ failed to make the gameplay better and offer that real MMA experience

acemonkey3420d ago

i disliked EA MMA but EA should do good with UFC name. But its not that THQ sold EA UFC lol...Zuffa let EA have ufc license.. but i hope EA does a better job both THQ and EA MMA(since EA MMA servers was shut down after like a year or so and price drop to 20dollars after a few months after the game was release) either way i want my MMA games

2pacalypsenow3420d ago

didnt EA say MMA wasnt a sport and that they didnt care for it ???

RememberThe3573420d ago

Yep thats why UFC went to THQ in the first place. I guess money can sway anyone.

2pacalypsenow3420d ago

meh i stopped watching ufc after lesnar retired

Tokyo_reject3420d ago

Suuuuuuuuuuuure THQ....keep telling yourselves that.....someones in denial lol!!!

HalfNerdHalfAmazing3420d ago

The only UFC game I enjoy was the 1st one when it came to the sequels they try to do too much but that's EA they want every sport franchise.