Unreal Engine 4 - A letdown?

Xbigy Games' Kamran Draeger writes:

"Last night GTTV unveiled the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo the public has been anticipating, since its first showcasing at GDC. In comparison to many other tech demos however, the public didn't quite react as impressed as one would expect."

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chak_2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Yeah, the square enix luminous engine (or whatever its name is) was much more impressive to me.

This one just felt the same, just a little bit better. Brown, darkness and plastic render. Meh.

SE got it right.

Lucretia2375d ago


Cliffy wanted us to say that we would call the stuff from UR4 engine fake....but naaaaah. It does look good and we would be spoiled to say it looks like crap.

but square's was insane. I think the engines graphics were better the their CG movie Advent Children, i cannot wait for that to be used on home consoles.

to be honest though, it seems more realistic for consoles to handle UR4 engine next gen. Square's seems 2 gens ahead

DeadlyFire2374d ago

Demo was alright, but Square Enix made me wanna license their game engine even if I only made useless bad looking crap with it.

Epic just showed me they can have swirling sprites! OMG swirling sprites!!!

Although the graphics received a decent bump up, and physics of debris falling everywhere without framerate drop means there is hefty potential to destruction in games with that engine. The lighting wasn't bad either. Its up to par I say with most modern engines. Problem I believe is that Epic thought they were the only ones coming to the show. Never realizing how much others have risen up with their own engines. They have competition now and its time they tried to face it.

E3 2013 we will receive the ultimate demonstration of their engine though. This was just an appetizer. As they aim for 2014.

Mariusmssj2374d ago

Most of you missed the point completely, if you watch the full interview with EPIC on gametrailers you can see why this engine is so great.

It allows people who have no programming background to create games easily, artists now have the power to manipulate in game values that were out of reach for them before.

Next gen is not only Graphics, it's much more than that.

DeadlyFire2374d ago

I didn't miss that at all. I am enthusiastic about their engine, but CryEngine 3 already does this. It is alas their main competition.

Lots of people are really underestimating the power of this demo.

As well with Square-Enix as a competitor. Although their engine I assume is still like the old ones without in-game drop in for manipulating it.

Visuals across the board will max with hardware limits. Square did more than just visuals. They showed lots of animation and the swirling sprites that are possible now as well.

Their is so much power in the air that they want to just wave their hands through the air to feel the game engine with these swirling sprites.

CryEngine needs a swirling sprites demo to match up to them. Maybe with Cryengine 4 in 2013.

GamingPerson2375d ago

Square enix blew them out the water.

Even the Star Wars 1313 as more impressive and that was unreal 3! I am sure the engine is fine and can do more but the demo was kinda lame to me.

Crytek is ready to take them on.

Yangus2375d ago

I think luminous engine(Square-Enix)more impressive.
UE4 cool,but not big difference Unreal Engine 3 with The Samaritan Demo..

h311rais3r2374d ago

Samaritan was unreal 4....

LucianT2375d ago

UE4 will not be ready until 2014.We'll have to wait for any comparison.

Hufandpuf2375d ago

I'll wait for them to show more demos, if the Samaritin demo looked that good, then I'm sure EPIC could do better.

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The story is too old to be commented.