Digital Foundry vs. Unreal Engine 4

At E3 this year, Epic delivered something few others dared to offer - a vision of the future in gaming, a look ahead to the graphical possibilities afforded by the next generation of console hardware. We've seen it in motion and today, on this page, you will too. Unreal Engine 4 may not be entirely what you expect, but it is very real, obviously ambitious and in many ways, rather spectacular.

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Walker2419d ago

Watch Dogs Looks way better than this for me !

TheModernKamikaze2419d ago

Not by a long shot for me. Some of those scenes like the car crash was scripted.

GamingPerson2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

star wars 1313 look better than both! and that was Unreal 3!
Consoles are holding back unreal 3 so forget 4 for now!

In the end it's the developers and art style.

ABizzel12419d ago

This was a demo to show off tech, not a game or an action packed trailer.

This was simply to show off sample by sample what UE4 can do.

SuperStrokey11232419d ago

I was really impressed by lots of it but the lighting still needs some work. It just seemed off to to me for some reason. In no way shape or form am i well versed in this stuff though.

Sino2419d ago

The only thing that amazed me in the tech demo was the flame particle and the wall collapsing, everything else just look like a modded skyrim on high end PC

jalen2472419d ago

The Final Fantasy real-time demo was more impressive.

And Star Wars 1313 and Samaritan looked better to me....could be the art style.

The snowy mountains were spectacular...definitely the highlight of the clip