Free Arcade Game Revealed

The free XBOX Live Arcade game promised by Microsoft as compensation for the downtime has been announced. Undertow (normally 800 Microsoft Points) will be available to download from Wednesday 23rd January 2008 till Sunday 28th January 2008 for free.

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Dudeson424666d ago

I'm actually reasonably pleased with this. I don't use Live all that much so I guess it wasn't a huge inconvenience for me, and a free game is pretty cool. I was worried they were going to give away Tron or something, at least Undertow looks like a decent game.

Mr Murda4666d ago

I agree, normally 800 points ($10) and it's a new game, and not some rehashed arcade classic. This is better than what I expected, so I'll happily download it free of charge. In all fairness, I think this is a good compensation for lost time on LIVE for those few weeks. People were wanting free year subscriptions and 2000 MS Points, and that simply was not going to happen nor was it even owed to us for the inconvenience. This is fair.

Johnny Blaze4666d ago

Major Nelson has commented on his site:

"If you have already purchased the game, you can contact support and they will take care of you."

Just so you don't go crazy for nothing....

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Close_Second4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

...a half decent game. I felt a little ripped off that I paid $14 NZD for it as its not as good as I was hoping. The graphics are certainly very smart but I was hoping for a 3d, sideways scrolling shoot-em-up and not a game based on a headquarters multiplayer game.

I think MS should have given everyone 800 points so they could decide how to use them how they wanted. I find it really unfair that if you already own the game you now have to chase up with MS for another deal.

Oh well, never mind as I sold up my 360 in favor of the PS3 this week. On-line console gaming has never been better...or less expensive.

InMyOpinion4666d ago

You could have downloaded the free trial demo before you bought it. If you had ever owned a 360 you would have known that. Stop trolling.

Close_Second4666d ago you can see I still have my 360 avatar displayed in my profile. I downloaded the demo and was not 100% happy about it. However, my two boys thought it was pretty cool so I purchased the full game. Still does not change the fact that I thought it could have been better.

I am annoyed that you consider it trolling when I owned a 360 for over a year and was an avid on-line Xbox Live gamer. However, we have had connection issues for some time in New Zealand and I was sick of paying near $13 a month for the service.

ben hates you4665d ago

you pay 13 dollars a month i pay like a dollar a month???

Close_Second4665d ago

...VISA charges it cam to about $13 NZD per month. A real rip off considering you can get 12 month memberships for $80 NZD. Problem was, I paid for one month Xbox Live using the VISA and MS automatically kept rolling it over without my OK. However, I just got use to paying by VISA.

All I can say is never pay month by month!

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Carbon4666d ago

Gay, I won't even waste my time thanks for nothing MS.

Syko4666d ago

I love how people b!tch about free $hit. If you want more than this Kelkoski go join the $5 million dollar lawsuit. That would probably make you happy, and also show the true depth of your douchebaggery. Now would you kindly not download the game and move on.

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Syko4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Ahhh, Why do I bother with you asshats anyway? So one month of LIVE at it's most expensive (Month-to-Month Membership) is $7.99. While the yearly membership is $4.16 a month. This game is worth $10, Yeah it sucked LIVE was down but I am not an unrealistic prick that can't understand that $hit happens and life sucks. DEAL WITH IT.

Best part of all is if you read the Xbox LIVE TOS, They don't owe us a god damn thing. Of course I wouldn't expect you to worry your sweet little brain with all that info. Something for FREE when they could of told us to suck it up, is fine in my book. If it happened all the time I would be really pissed. At that point I might stop "swallowing MS cum" as you so eloquently put it.

So by your same logic since you don't pay for PSN and it goes away for 3 or 4 months with no access at all you have no recourse because you pay nothing for the service. Just use some logic dude it will serve you well in the future.

Well that's 2 trolls fed, Anyone else hungry?

urban bohemian4666d ago

He probably doesn't even have a 360.

wageslave4666d ago

Dont worry, Undertow wont play on your PS3 anyway.

Feihc Retsam4666d ago

Seriously, Syko just served up a nice facial on the turds above...

I have to say, Microsoft is doing OK with this compensation, but ultimately, I would have been happier with 500 MS points instead of limiting the selection to one game...

Yeah, it's probably a great arcade title, but I prefer to spend my points for DLC and other content...

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christopher64534666d ago

Yea, RRoD allright...Whatever, I've had my XBox 360 since DAY ONE, and still running perfectly.

EastCoastSB4666d ago

Yea, I'm sure you and the other 5 people feel special.

Lex Luthor4666d ago

ROFL, bubbles for Syko.
Why are sony fanboys in this thread anyway?

gta_cb4666d ago

i bet he feels as though the RRoD is a bit overhyped by all of the Sonyfanboys, not saying its not a problem but they have nothing else to speak of so they concentrate on this and this only. i have had my Xbox 360 since Oct 06 so it is the old motherboard design and i have had no problem what so ever, oh but dont worry IF i have a problem with it like the RRoD i will say about it, so dont start calling me an Xbot either.

Mwaan4666d ago

I have a launch day 360. Never had a problem. The secret is letting it breathe. I'm satisfied with this news. Undertow is one of the highest rated games on XBLA.

AngryTypingGuy4666d ago

Great post Syko. People always feel like they're entitled to things, when they are really not. That is pretty good compensation for the time that Live was down.

EastCoastSB4665d ago

I was just kidding around with my comment. I know the RRoD is not THAT rampant, but it is pretty widespread.

I'm not a fanboy because I have both consoles. I'm just partial to the PS3. ;)

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RadientFlux4666d ago

Nice, I wanted to try Undertow at some point.

gta_cb4666d ago

i have only played two Arcade games, but never purchased them (free trail) so this is going to be my first :p just didnt like the way the trial arcade games stuck on your played games list :(

rogimusprime4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

yeah, it would have been nice to "try", but that's where demo's come in.
The previous posters are dead on when they say M$ should have just given us the points instead.

The poster above me had a point when he referred to M$ not owing us anyything because of the TOS. But that's garbage customer service. If you prefer to grab your ankles at every turn based on some agreement M$ paid 10 laywers to draw up that you probably didn't even read anyway, then you are the ultimate lemming consumer and don't deserve to keep a penny you earn. But at least you will stimulate our $hitty economy!

I'd be pissed if Sony's Network went down too, but since THAT is a FREE SERVICE, then they actually DON'T owe me anything.

It's not like they charge you at the end of the subscription. If I miss a week of my sports illustrated magazine, I expect to be compensated somehow....and SI would do it no problem. So should M$.

But if you want my money up front, then you have to deliver.....
just like prostitutes.

I understand $hit happens, but for the service to go down during a time of year WHEN EVERYONE ACTUALLY HAS TIME TO PLAY is pretty bad.

At the end of the day, I'm glad M$ did SOMETHING!

shotputking4666d ago

i was already thinking about buying this game at some point... on eof the highest rated games on live arcade, much better than the frogger type game i was expecting.

Skerj4666d ago

Damn I was hoping for Omega 5, but hell it's free and I'll just buy Omega 5.

Dudeson424666d ago

Omega 5 is awesome, I've been playing it non-stop for the past 3 days. It's insanely hard though, just warning you =) I still think you should download it though, it's so damn good.