Why I Don't Care About E3

Pixels or Death's Tim Hsu writes:

"But this year is different. This year is weird. Not weird in a Mark Danielewski’s House of Leaves I-want-to-leave-this-house-but -can’t-because-the-windows-don’ t-go-anywhere-despite-being-abl e-to-see-out-of-them kind of weird, but in a kind of sad, dumpy, greasy, dull-eyed webcomic reader watching Daigo Umehara play Street Fighter: 3rd Strike kind of weird. It’s weird because all of sudden it feels like E3 is so far behind what’s actually interesting, and instead of just acknowledging that and saying “but hey, this is what we’ve been working on for the past year, so yeah” they just pretend like what they’re presenting is actually interesting, even though everyone’s mind is elsewhere."

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