Massively Optimistic: A Talk With NCsoft's Chris Chung

Chris Chung, the new president of NCsoft North America, has jumped into his new role during a particularly interesting time. The company launched its latest MMORPG, Tabula Rasa, late last year and purchased City of Heroes from developer Cryptic Studios around the same time. Game Informer talked to Chung about his plans for 2008 and beyond, the effects World of Warcraft has had on the genre, and why more MMO developers aren't exploring the console space.

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decapitator4287d ago

I was looking forward to hearing about some of the games they currently have in development for the PC but nothing was said about that except for the fact that, Sony network best suits them.

Darkiewonder4287d ago

I don't know if it's just me but the link does not work?

titntin4287d ago (Edited 4287d ago )

Hmm - seems to work fine for me?

you could try copying the link to a new browser window?

h t t p:// Story/200801/N08.0117.1707.2704 7.htm?Page=1

Remove spaces from thr http

Darkiewonder4286d ago

when I click the link that was provided. it was this: