Burnout Paradise Review (Xbox 360)

It's hard to believe, but Criterion's Burnout series has been wowing TeamXbox for over six years now; across four different titles and two platforms. The goal has pretty much been the same with each iteration of the franchise: smash into other cars until they beg for mercy.

As consoles and gaming networks become more complex, there is an underlying need for software that is just as complex-or, at least, code that attempts to push the envelope a bit further. It's also quite apparent to game companies that each successive title in a series (especially a heralded, long-running one) must be critically better than the next. "Better" might be too subjective for the folks over at Criterion to nail down in code, but it's obvious with its latest smash-em-up Burnout Paradise that it's pulled out all of the stops on its way to creating an extreme racer fit for the current console-gaming landscape.

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MK_Red4669d ago

Awesome review and score.
"You will be hard-pressed to find better vehicle models and paint effects…anywhere." "A fresh way to turn sculpted metal into a junk pile."
Yup it is Burnout :)

Mr Marbles4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

its just not burnout, im not sure i will be buying this, to me Burnout is dead, they ruined it with this game, even racing has become a pain, how can I win if im constantly looking at a tiny map in the corner?!?!?

Actually im not even sure if this is a great game, i take that back

macsto4669d ago

BUT TEH PS3 2008 FF13 MGS4


thought id get that out of the way seeing as thats how n4g is turning out. Great game though, really enjoyed the demo on both the PS3 and 360.

OpiZA4669d ago

Hehe i feel ya dude

Anyways EA in my co dropped the ball so i picked this up yesterday... it's absolutely incredible!

Robearboy4669d ago

Im getting bored with sequals, a vast majority of them are the same games but with a make over and a few improvements here and there, what we need are new i.p's. Im not saying this and other sequels are poor games, just more of the same

MaximusPrime4669d ago

Great game on two great consoles.

Love the demo and waiting for the full release ;) (btw: its PS3 game im getting)