How Assassin's Creed III Killed a Cynic at E3 - BNBGAMING

Assassin’s Creed’s third iteration is a game Daniel’s been vocally slating since its announcement. As of E3, consider him converted. Including multiple trailers, read Daniel's impressions of the E3 showing.

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Chuk52329d ago

Idk, I'm really feeling this sense of overhype for this game now.

Sure the combat is some of the most incredible I've seen this gen, but other than that, I feel disillusioned with AC3.

TGM2329d ago

Out of curiosity, how so? :)

Chuk52329d ago

It looks great but, I think I'm just not that into the series anymore.

IceXI2329d ago

This was how I was feeling. After E3, not so much.