Star Wars 1313: First Screens Reveal Stunning Engine, Evidence Points To PS4, Xbox 720 Release

NowGamer: Could LucasArts' Star Wars 1313 be another newly-revealed game set to launch on next-gen consoles?

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Theo11303944d ago

That demo was running on a 680 gtx, there is noway sony or Microsoft will put anything close to a $500 gpu in side their systems.

Eyesoftheraven3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

I very deeply hope the latest cards such as a single GTX680 can run games like this and Watch Dogs as they looked in their respective demos. I recently purchased a 7970 and overclocked it; it's just too much money to see not be able to run early next gen games at smooth FPS and high resolutions.

I really don't want to relive another 2007 Crysis 1 scenario.

t0mmyb0y3944d ago

I've been there man lol. To many times I've had to upgrade to be able to play the new stuff. That's part of the reason I slowly switched to consoles about 7 years ago.

Montrealien3943d ago

You know tommy, the pc game is a whole lot different then it was 7 years ago. And if you shop 2 years behind and smart, you are fine.

RedDragan3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Game engines have come along way since Crisis as they now take advantage of 2 or more CPU cores which lightens the load on GPUs. Your 7970 will happily play this game was ease, don't pay attention to ridiculous resolution options in the game... Most monitors don't support them natively anyway, they may claim to but the native is far below the flashy number. Eg. A screen image looks more natural at 1080p on a monitor which is native to 1920x1080 even if it is capable of higher, doing it and doing it native are very different. One is trickery and the other is real. It's like the opposite of strethching, you know real untouched picture will always look best if you put your face real close to check the finer detail.

Your card is ready.

GamingTruth3944d ago

theres one thing you pc gamers and the media has done that is a terrible mistake concerning what microsoft and sony are doing next gen, and that is that what they are making is blocked by a cost barrier, and that they are making a ps4 and 720 aka 'consoles' if thats what your counting on then be sure to think that way, and this game isnt even close to next gen to sony and microsoft i assure you

dark-hollow3944d ago

If you think next gen consoles won't look as good as this game then you are deeply mistaken.

Optimization is the key, my friend.
Just because the demo was running on gtx680 doesn't mean it won't run and look as good on weaker GPUs (NOT ps3/360 weak!)

You see, pc has a a bazillion different combinations of GPUs, CPUs and etc. so the games are not as optimized as console games where the developers know exactly that everyone have the same hardware, which leads to those extreme powerful GPUs just brute force their way to make up for the unoptimized development.

hennessey863944d ago

will not be a 500 dollar gpu in two years though will it, also consoles have better optimized engines. Just look at the last of us

Montrealien3943d ago

that will be a 200ish card in 2 years, and it will be the time to buy it and look at the early adopters of 2015 buying the latest card for 500$ to play games made for it in 2017. Ahh pc gaming..

Sevir3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Yep and we'll still get very comparable results considering that console engines and hardware are streamlined for closed systems and DONT have resource draining memory foot prints like Windows and background data to run other programs!

If anything, developers have shown that, with money, time and talent even the aged PS3 and Xbox 360 can still put out games, which look comparable to these SUPER glossy, stretched resolution, games with 4gb of mem and DX11 features.

The fact that in 2 years Sony's and MS's new consoles will be able to run these games like this at launch is reason enough to believe that talented devs like ND are showing just how capable the PS3 is with the likes of "The Last of Us"! And given the time and console based on next year's spread of top of the line GPU and PC designs, with no added weight of resource intensive OS and a much better engine, I'll say that games made for PC with 2015-17 graphics cards will be matched bar for bar by talented devs on a console platform easily!

so keep clinging to PC graphic cards, with their non-optimised engines, relying strictly on processor power! Consoles will always keep up!

Battlefield 3 came and left on the PC market and people are looking once again at consoles. Gear, Last of Us, GoW:A, Tomb Raider are the talk of the show and those are all on a platform significantly weaker than these modern day power PCs rigs you elitists love to throw around for arguments sake!

solid_si3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

@theo1130 i highly doubt a non RPG shooter of star wars IP will ever come exclusively to PC...This is clearly for next gen console.

hellvaguy3943d ago

"there is noway sony or Microsoft will put anything close to a $500 gpu in side their systems"

Actually there is. MS/Sony heavily subsidize thier consoles the first few years and make no profits. Secondly it will be another 1-3 years before they are even released. Third MS/Sony dont run windows which is a huge resource hog on the processor and graphics card.

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chukamachine3944d ago

I think that game had a nextgen feel to it.

But i don't think you need a 680gtx to run it. Maybe on PC you do at max settings with x16aa etc.

But i think the next gen of consoles with by a hybrid of what is needed to powergames.

Improved needed over current consoles.

Rez min- 1080p
AA - Although decent mlaa, fxaa are also very nice.
Shadows and shaders still take alot of grunt to produce nicely.

I'd say PS4 - AMD 6850 or NVIDIA 560ti

2-3gb ram

quad core

or cell 2.0.

Bladesfist3944d ago

2-3gb of ram and at least 1gb of video ram (what the 6850 has)

tigertron3944d ago

I'm hoping it'll be a PS4/next Xbox launch title with Watch Dogs.

modesign3943d ago

i dont think i would call the unreal engine "stunning" when developers for "watchdogs" created something from scratch using a custom made engine.

Gorbenshore3943d ago

It certainly seems like it will be for next gen consoles. I'm sure they could release this on PC now.