The Darkness, Chronicles of Riddick director joins Indiana Jones team

Andersson will act as design director on the title and work in parallel with creative director Axel Torvenius – who was previously art director for the Wolfenstein games and with executive producer Jerk Gustafsson at the helm.

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isarai57d ago

Dope! Gotta be honest tho, i completely forgot this existed 😅

Sonic188157d ago

Still in the early stages. We won't get a reveal until two more years probably 😂

rlow157d ago

I wish they would make another Riddick, Butchers Bay was the best.

hotnickles57d ago

You know what games I want way more than Indiana Jones? The darkness and Riddick.

Snookies1257d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Haha, completely agree... But, the fact that he is involved in this is a definitely a positive sign! Could actually be a good game!

hotnickles56d ago

You might be right. Indiana Jones will never do Jackie or Riddick stuff though. The darkness was brutal on the eyes and ears lol.

Leeroyw57d ago

The Darkness was an underrated gem. Fantastic lore and Mike patton from Faith No More voicing the darkness is up there with the great video game voice overs imo.