E3 2012: PS Suite Rename + New Information

Playstation Suite has now been renamed Playstation Mobile with new features and devices.

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astroanthony2330d ago

Will you be downloading PS Suite/Mobile?

Soldierone2329d ago

Yep, Xperia Play has been waiting for it and I need some more stuff for my Vita too.

sprinterboy2329d ago

Been waiting for this for a full yr then a name change, just release if already, only have 6 mths left on my xperia play mobile phone contract, so pretty useless for me unless they release a new version of xperia play soon when I upgrade my phone, u can not even get a xperia play phone in the uk on contract anymore. I love sony but these areas need massive improvements, I dont care for gaming on mobiles with just touchsceen controls so they better release another play version

Sorrow242329d ago

You can't get it anymore because the new Xperia Play might be coming out soon.