Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent Updated Hands-On

Gamespot drop back into the sweltering heat of Kinshasa, Africa, to survey the latest version of the popular stealth action series. New video and screens inside.

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Eternal E 8085003d ago (Edited 5003d ago )

i luv how the zoom is in this game thats what i call real right there.

Sphinx5003d ago

MGS4 who? Ha, just kidding... but this games looks hella sick!

TheXgamerLive5003d ago (Edited 5003d ago )

This is true first rate gameplay, true next gen. quality and true physics and open ended style of what do you want to do and how your going to do it. I've had mine pre ordered for 2 months and counting.
Exactly right, mgs ?? that was CGI, this is game play and awesome game play it is, and it looks better than any ps3 CGI we've seen, awesome!!!

THAMMER15002d ago

cant wait. You guy are funny^^lol