The secret game modes you invented

Games Radar recently heard an interesting story about Burnout Paradise. Apparently, several testers at Criterion were spending hour after hour playing around with the new handbrake feature. They noticed gaps between the parked cars that are dotted around the city, and naturally started trying to pull off elaborate parking stunts, jamming the handbrake on and arcing gracefully into the vacant space. And when a senior designer saw what they were up to, he was so impressed that the parking challenge was immediately slotted into the Burnout Paradise set up.

This sort of unplanned mayhem is what makes the best videogames even better. Skilled designers create worlds that 'work' and so enable us to solve puzzles in our own way, a small rule or regulation is exploited by one player and soon creates its own gameplay style, or the enthusiastic tenacity of the players sees several actions or in-game abilities combine to result in totally unexpected scenarios. It's the beauty of community, and here's Games Radar's favourite examples of unintended gameplay...

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Joey Gladstone4664d ago

In COD4 where if your on your belly or doing a "Last Stand" and you knife their ankles or feet ..its an instant kill LOL.......i mean come on really "DEATH BY ANKLE SHANK"??.......
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

DrPirate4664d ago

On the Burnout demo, a couple of friends and I played tag.

Isn't that everyone's dream? To play tag, in cars, in the city? Videogames = Fantasy come to life.

Siesser4664d ago

That was basically my entire experience during Freeburn; just ramming and running. I'd sometimes feel rediculous running through oncoming traffic trying to lose someone, only to realize he's just cruising in his appropriate lane :-). Crazy fun though, and when more of the city's unlocked, even more so.

calderra4664d ago

Most of this list is pretty poor. Like in Halo, the best example they had was teabagging? How about Mongoose racing? Griffball? Puzzle maps? Roller coasters? Rube Goldberg machines? And so on. Some of these items are cool, but nowhere near the coolest.

J. Allard talked about one of the neater ones for PGR on the Majornelson podcast- Cat and Mouse. Teams have two players- one in a Mini Cooper and the other in a big sportster like a Ferrari Enzo. Both players match colors to tell who's on what team. Then you play on Nurburgring- the goal is for the big cars to push their smaller companions up to incredible speeds, and/or wreck the other teams to prevent them from winning, while the Mini Cooper drivers spend most of the time either with their pedal to the metal trying to get max speed, or screaming for help as they fly off course at 200mph with no hope of recovering. It's awesome fun, and doesn't involve glitching either.