GameStop Will Not Accept Defective PS3 Exchange Because Of Serial Number Mistake

Via The Consumerist:

"Reader Ben's receipt doesn't match the serial number on his defective PS3, so GameStop and Sony are refusing to repair or exchange it.

This same kind of problem has happened to one of our readers before. It turns out that an employee had inadvertently entered the SKU instead of the serial number on our Reader's XBOX. He was eventually able to prove that he hadn't switched the XBOXs, but Ben is having a much more difficult time."

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toughNAME4669d ago I won't go there

decapitator4669d ago

Why in the world anyone still goes to GameStop for their needs is beyond me. The are part of the reason why certain parts of the game Industry is suffering with all their ridiculous trade in deals which is reality is ripping off uniformed customers.

ArduousAndy4669d ago

all the guy has to do is goto the gamestop he went to. Tell them "look your guy behind the counter scanned the sku instead of the actual serial number. Present the recipt present the box. And tell them to go look at the other 80gig boxes in the back to show that it is the same sku. They can refuse all they want. But the proof is right there. Then call customer service and complain. So he can get the situation fixed.

The End. Does the guy do any of that. No he goes to gamestop they say no and he walks home with his tail between his legs. He needs to man up and shove the proof in there faces. I'm an asst manager at the gamestop where I live (Florida) and let me tell you if i made that mistake. I would have post voided the transaction and created a new one. Then defect the ps3 (Cause you need the recipt info) and give the guy a new one.

LKane4669d ago

Gamestop with its practice of selling overpriced used games and (and in some cases, more-expensive-than-others "new" games) makes them a bunch of douche bags.

When you think they can't get any worse, they start pulling some crap like this (and many others, actually).

BrianC62344669d ago

"Why in the world anyone still goes to GameStop for their needs is beyond me."

I go to Gamestop because I have one across the street from where I live and another is near my office. It's really easy to go to both stores. And they get everything the first day it's out. I've tried other stores. Toys R US isn't around me anymore and when they were they never got the games I wanted. Best Buy is a lot better now than they were but they're harder to get to and don't get the games the first day. Target is close but don't always get the games.

I say the main reason for me though is I know I can get the games I want as soon as they're out. I don't buy used games so I don't care about that issue.

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shysun4669d ago

It could have been his friends stolen PS3. I know people who do stuff like this. :(

VaeVictus4669d ago

Usually, these numbers are different in length. Where I worked, the system would reject the serial number format fit. I won't name the business, but it wasn't exactly a company that "kept up with the times." I have a hard time believing that these #'s were confused and that the system even accepted it.

When we'd scan the item's barcode for the serial # and so forth, the entire amount of information tied to each item would print on the receipt. As crappy as Gamestop is, I can't imagine they wouldn't have preventitive measures in place to avoid mistakes such as this. Big businesses usually take the likelihood of human error out of the equation when it comes to registering products in a system.

Says you4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

you XBox 360 fans can bash this if you want but it doesn't do jack in what your going to type!.

Wow I had facts and people just disagree and by the way InYourDad you don't even have that console you're just lieing!.

InYourMom4669d ago

You go PS3 fanboy! You go!

btw - I've had 2 bad PS3's so far both with Blu-ray drive problems.

I still won't argue that the defect rate for the 360 is waaaay above exceptable while the PS3 is at or below acceptable.

JBaby3434669d ago

Either you have the worst luck of anyone on Earth or you're lying. Less than 1% failure rate and you get two of them in less than one year. No machine is perfect and everything does break from time to time but having two go bad already is pretty tough to believe.

AceLuby4669d ago

I bought a bajillion PS3's and they all broke... ;) There is no way this guy owns or has probably even played a PS3. Quit the trolling. You are the reason this site is in the shape it is. Oh, and it's 'acceptable' not 'exceptable'.

Bubble Buddy4669d ago

Yo InYourMom: I've had 50 broken 360s, not hard to lie over the internet eh?

ReBurn4669d ago

Who even complained about a PS3 failure rate? Seems to me like you brought it up.

socsca4669d ago

"Who even complained about a PS3 failure rate? Seems to me like you brought it up."

What he said.

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beavis4play4669d ago

when i got mine (at gamestop) they took it out of the box and got the serial number. i asked what he was doing and then checked to make sure the number on receipt was same as on system before he put it back in the box. what person doesn't do this? in todays world, too many people are trying to rip stores off. so, i can't blame them for this. and, when i told the store employee to make sure he got the number right, he said the serial numbers were diff. from the other numbers and that the system wouldn't accept these other numbers for serials. anyway, if the dude didn't check this before he left the store; it's his problem, not someone else. this story sounds fishy.

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