A response to Ubisoft's poor advertising choices for GR:FS

Ubisoft decided to draft in Ice T's missus to help advertise Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and at the time it was felt to be a brash move to attract males to the game.

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bunt-custardly2330d ago

The bottom line is, the advertising was supposedly tongue in cheek...

hazelamy2330d ago

that rated a 9.5 on my innuendometer. ^_^

iJihaD2330d ago

The problem is... SHE IS NOT EVEN SEXY!

oohWii2330d ago

It you like women she's sexy.

iJihaD2330d ago

If you like dead bodies with boobs.. she's sexy.

jon12342329d ago

Ohhwii I have no idea how you can find her even remotely attractive... I swear she looks like a guy with big boobs and a girly voice...

OneAboveAll2330d ago ShowReplies(1)
RaidensRising2330d ago

I approve big butts but not out of context.

Christopher2330d ago

Original Sir Mix-A-Lot lyrics?

morganfell2330d ago

This was hot on the heels of all of those ridiculous think man's hooter remarks. Which at the end of the day was one big joke considering there was the hand holding person's shooter.

Adexus2330d ago

If they're going to advertise the game in this manner then at least get someone who looks good.

flyingmunky2330d ago

I'll put my vote in for Kate Beckinsale while in her role as Selene from the underworld movies. Shes badass, shoots guns, and looks great doing it. Although this may just be my selfish desire to see her in that latex catsuit again...

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The story is too old to be commented.