A look into Microsoft’s E3 2012 conference: Rumor writes "A source close to us reveals that Microsoft has an exhilarating line-up planned for this year’s E3. What you are about to read is only rumor though; that is, until Microsoft confirms it. And with E3 2012 right around the corner, the internet is overflowing with snippets of new games across all platforms."

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N47H112329d ago

Halo 4, New Gears Game, New forza and a load of kinect games is exactly what to expect from Microsoft at E3..... ZZZzzzzzzz!!!

Prince_Dim-Lu2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

You must be excited to hear Sony talk about how it's going to be the year of the PS3 again.

What do you want from MS at this E3?

Edit for the guy who commented below.

Are you not getting games? Like I post below yours. Are you not playing COD, Batman, Gears, Forza, BF, Assassins Creed, Bioshock, Red Dead, GTA's, Maddens and all the rest of these games you guys are crying about?

Those are games. Those aren't kids games... and they're almost always better on the 360.

Why the crying for games, when we have games? Because the games are there. And nice way to break it down to being bought on PC or PS3 exclusives. Like everyone out there has a gaming PC. LMAO... nice quantifiers to make your argument.

PS... Sony Exclusives the last few years have bombed as well. Ya, you get a few gems in there.. .but Sony exclusives are over talked about by PS fanboys. They don't rank that high on Metacritic besides the favs like Uncharted and LBP.

How's that low rated GT5 that Forza blows away treating you?

fossilfern2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Games ? Is that not the whole point of owning a console. And im not talking games that can be bought on PC or PS3 I'm talking good games for the 360 and not this kinect crap, look at Sonys exclusive the past few years! Its something for everyone

@Jelly Jelly

Yes they are games and the Arcade is the only great thing MS has pushed but alot of those games dont come directly from mircosoft. Im talking big AAA games that MS has no interest in investing in.

N47H112329d ago

I own both consoles and have not preference, especially when it comes down to pathetic 'My consoles better than yours' arguments, but there is not ANY fresh or original ideas coming from Microsoft, just sequels/Prequels milking franchises to the max, and spending a ridiculous amounts of money gaining timed exclusive DLC. Microsoft need to invest more into creating some more new/original IP's to entice their gaming audience, as i for one am getting bored of mundane shooters that Microsoft feel the need to recycle and re sell each year!

supraking9512329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

you guys have games? i thought xbox 360 was just a video streaming Netflix box. Everything MS has as of late is put out apps for the system lol. 360 used to be about the games now its about a Halo, Gears and Forza game every year and they all turn out mediocre and no change from the previous title. Give me an exclusive that I wont play for 2 weeks and return to playing old online titles. There making 360 gamers look like they play one game a year lol. Its as if they went on the sad CoD route. MS get some new IP's then I'll consider turning your system on once again.

JellyJelly2329d ago

@fossilfern - There's tons of exclusives on XBLA that can't be played on the PS3 or PC.

Trials Evolution, Shadow Complex, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Fez, Bloodforge, Iron Brigade, Bastion etc. Not to forget the upcoming Deadlight which looks amazing.

Or are those not games either?

hellvaguy2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

"ANY fresh or original ideas coming from Microsoft, just sequels/Prequels milking franchises to the max"

Because God of War 3, Killzone 3, Twisted Metal 6, Uncharted 3, and Metal gear solid 10 are all the very first in the series and definitely are not sequels......sequels are evil I tell u the devil.....except must get the next sequel to Gran turismo part 6.

LOL gotta love these hypocrytes. I respect a coherent/logical fanboy argument, but the failures where the person is stretching the "truth" and in general, trying way to hard, make me laugh.

Anyways, want next gen now, not laterz!

KingSlayer2329d ago Show
dark-hollow2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

" does PSN? Better ones at that and (as what usually happens)"

what? ps3 line up of retail games is sure way better than the 360s, no debate, but psn games better than XBLA games?

if there is one thing that the 360 truly shine in, is the arcade titles!

cpayne932329d ago

Some of yall need to calm down. Really though, there isn't much of a point to the multiplat argument, usually the differences are too small to even notice. Also, many ps3 multiplats get additional free content, like AC1 with revelations, bf 1943 with bf3, and bioshock 1 with infinite.

But the ps3 has just been getting more exclusives these past years. Just last year, it got infamous 2, Killzone 3, lbp 2, Resistance 3, and Uncharted 3, all great games. All the 360 really got was Forza and Gears, can't reall count halo anniversary because its a remake.

But for me, the only thing on 360 that interests me is halo. I got a ps3 for infamous, uncharted, mgs, resistance, killzone, demon's souls, warhawk, and plenty more. There are just a lot more games on ps3 that interest ME... But seriously, these console arguments can get pretty retarded.

Outside_ofthe_Box2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

lol I can't wait until the next GT comes out. It will definitely get a higher score on metacritc than any Forza to date as I know PD won't repeat the same mistakes and the sales will obviously be higher. Then we'll see all the excuses come into play; GT has a huge following, it's overrated, sales =/= quality, the critics were paid off to give it a high score, etc.

GT5 is definitely better in regards to being a simulator than any Forza to date. Most critics even say that GT5 as a simulator is a 10/10, but of course all you here people talk about is how Forza out rates it in metacritic and they ignore the sales because it doesn't favor it, but when it comes to Halo and Gears, surprise, surprise sales all of a sudden the sales talk starts come out.. lol

DarkBlood2329d ago

alan wake american nightmare is coming to pc so thats not really exclusive

Dante1122329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

I like how exclusives suddenly don't matter anymore. I wonder if that will carry over into next gen when deciding on which console to buy?

@ King

QFT. Now some of the loyalists here are arguing that XBLA's "exclusive games" are relevant and better than the PSN games lol. Wow, that switch up was sudden ("Exclusives don't matter...exclusives do XBLA and PSN exclusive games matter" XD)

cobblestone192329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Are you actually defending MS? Here's some news for you. Sony has released high rated content the whole Gen. MS has like a fourth of the high quality games of Sony. And it isn't 2008 any more. Multi-plats are usually the same on both systems and most (with the exception of COD) have exclusive DlC on the Ps3. And forza to Gt5? Not to sound cliché but... Which game sold better? Silly, hopeful shitbox fanboys. Pretending MS is gonna turn it out at E3. lol

CoolBeansRus2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

I own all three consoles and i have no preference. I will tell you that most games are better on the 360 like cod and bf3 witch were a nightmare on the ps3, but Sony has more exclusives. .
I now only buy games for all three systems on the PC. So my preference is PC i guess.
PS3 fanboys always rush to these 360 articles to bash it in hopes that it will make them feel better about their system and it's sad.

Sony was great when it had no competition, but now it does... get over it! Stop pretending they are so great, they mess up too. PS VITA?! HACKERS FOR A MONTH?!and the fact their console is harder to develop on that's why these multi-platform games are always so glitchy on the ps3. Stop with the weak arguments like "They just don't know how to harvest the power" when the truth is that it's a design that is not as universal.

Enjoy E3, MSFT, NIN and Sony will do great.

@ Cobpswii360, How long did it take for Sony to release GT5 again? And how many copies did that fanboys think it was going to sell? Stop pretending like that was a smooth ride.
Still waiting for that Halo, remember?!

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Patriots_Pride2329d ago

This is a strange E3 becuase normally we get shit storm of leaks but this E3 we got some but nothing that would leave you like awe.

Its either that the big 3 dont have anything new hardware wise to show or they keeping every little thing under lock and key

aviator1892329d ago

How many times are we honestly going to see the same repetitive comment being proclaimed over and over?...

I think the majority of us get the idea by now.

JAMurida2329d ago

After two years of being on this site, I've learned to just ignore it. People LOVE going around in circles on this site.

Mottsy2329d ago

Squares are better then Circles!

fossilfern2329d ago

F**K!I just want to give MS a huge slap and shake them and ask them wtf they are doing! If it wasn't for the hardcore with the first Xbox MS wouldnt be in the position they are now! I'm not a huge fan of the 360 as I felt it was a step backwards from the original but atleast it had games!

Then MS buy Rare and they release SOME games and they are average but not totally bad, but now Rare is just a shovelware company! Where is our Killer Instinct, where is our true Banjo game, where is our Perfect Dark, WHERE IS JET FORCE GEMINI! My God MS how are you this bad? 3 Bloody games that are all sequels? What a joke

Prince_Dim-Lu2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

The MS insider on my site has told me that Perfect Dark will be a "720/Durango" launch game.

You know what though? I'm so tired of cry babies crying about 'hardcore" games and gamers. As far as I know, I'm playing hardcore games like BF3 and COD and Gears and Forza and Batman and Assassins Creed and all the rest on my Xbox 360. Where are all these hardcore games I'm missing?


And why is it that month after month the 360 continues to outsell the rest of the consoles month after month here in the most important place to sell video games. The USA.

Edit.. you can't win with guys like you that bring up the PC version of games. Not everyone has a gaming PC like I said above.

Sorry if there's not enough MS exclusives for you. That's one thing. Saying there's no games though.. that's BS. There are plenty of games. Plenty of them out there.

@N47H11 a few post above...... classic how you say all MS has are prequels and sequels. LMAO... ya, because the best Sony PS3 games haven't been.. Uncharted PART 2... KILLZONE 3... Infamous 2.. (i hear infamous 3 will be announced at this e3) LBP 2 and so on.... ALL OF THESE GAMES ARE SEQUELS!!! GRAN TURISMO.... FREAKING PART FIVE!!! LOL... come on man!

fossilfern2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

"BF3 and COD and Gears and Forza and Batman and Assassins Creed" And only two of them can be bought on 360 while the others are on PC and PS3 (and arguably better on PC) but MS themselves have no games to speak of. And leaving Perfect dark for the next Xbox? So basically we have been given a bad entry to the series and a HD revamp of an N64 game?

And so what if it sells do you get that much satisfaction out of playing the 360 knowing its selling well regardless if the games can be bought else ware? Thats like me buying a book and not enjoying it and saying "Well it was a bad book but im glad I bought it because it has sold millions"

Edit: Forgot to mention; Yes the USA is important but its not THE only important region, Europe, Australia the rest of North America like Canada ? So companies should forget about the rest of the world and focus on the USA?

fossilfern2329d ago

Yes I know and I never said there were no games but they can be acquired on the PS3 & PC. I know people dont have gaming PCs or have the money for gaming PCs but alot of them games can be bough on a PS3 and also the WiiU when it comes out. MS has given no good reasons to hold on to a 360 other than flooding kinect games into it.

MS have franchises to use but they dont seem to care all they want to focus on is Halo, Forza, and Gears, with Halo being the only good one out of the bunch

supraking9512329d ago

Where are the hardcore games that MS used to have exclusively on there system? They failed with Perfect Dark Zero, and there Halo and Gears games got stale.
Meanwhile Sony doesnt care about sales but continues pushing out new games only for there system. Looks like sales doesnt matter as MS with all that money and there #1 ranking month after month still cant pull out a new IP out of there butt?
Is MS only caring about exclusive 1 month DLC? or Apps that I would rather use on my pc or phone?

Id be embarrass if I only had 360 as my only system.

Patriots_Pride2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

@SupraKingkabra - Your naive to think that Sony does not care about sales - A business primary objective is to make a profit and if Sony really does not care about sales then maybe thats why they have been in the red year after year - how long do you think Sony can keep this up before share holders start getting frustrated and bail out because Sony is spending x amount on money on games and R&D and not seeing a profit or barley breaking even.

The reason Sony is pushing so many exclusives and free online is because they have to, they never expected this gen to turn out this way where Nintendo is the number one selling console and MS who is very new to the game console industry to pick up so much steam in the USA.

If things had went they way Sony planned where a large amount of PS2 owners had purchased a PS3 for $600 then we would be seeing a different more cocky and arrogant Sony instead of a humble Sony. If Sony could charge you for online they would but the truth is they cant because they screwed up at launch with releasing a very expensive console with little games and they had to find a way to get back those PS2 gamers that could not afford a PS3 and bought a 360 instead.

Torkith2329d ago

I'm not sure why you keep bringing up Gran Turismo 5. The series originally released in 1997, so 5 games in 15 years. One this generation. While Forza originally released in 2005 has had 4 games in 7 years; with a fifth, Horizon on the way. So that makes 4 releases of Forza this generation.

Attempting to justify yourself based solely and the number of the current released game isn't going to work.

Outside_ofthe_Box2329d ago

***Where are all these hardcore games I'm missing?"***

You answered your own question at the end of your post. :D

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Y_51502329d ago

I want Microsoft to impress me enough to buy their console finally. There's only a few stuff I would like to play on the system, it's nowhere near worth it when I have a PS3 and had a Wii.

dubt722329d ago

Did you really end your argument with a wii? Lol, just bustin' balls...

Y_51502329d ago

I can name at least 7 games on the Wii that I would rather play before considering buying an Xbox.

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from the beach2329d ago

Nice preview, I think if Microsoft's keynote features all the things that have been rumoured over the past few weeks it will more than deliver both in terms of new games and tech and on-stage demo hilarity.

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