NECA Portal Gun Replica Review - Chaos Hour

When NECA first announced that they would be producing a 1:1 scale replica of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device or “ASHPD”with lights and sound system for a mere £100, the response was overwhelming. However, when NECA announced they were only going to be producing 5000 units, a dark cloud hung over the heads of the not so hard-core collectors. Pre-orders sold out almost immediately in my home country of the USA and anyone left behind was forced to look to eBay, where price gorging was already rampant or to the expensive path of importing theirs from another country.

Thankfully the replicas were not quite as sparse here in the UK and Chaoshour was able to snag their own personal unit for review purposes.

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Patriots_Pride2423d ago

This video says it all - we want the real thing not a replica.

GamerEuphoria2423d ago

I'd rather have 'Toby' deleted than a real Portal gun.

2423d ago
MasterCornholio2423d ago

Now that´s a nice replica.