Industry Spotlight: Graham Smith, DrinkBox Studios

"Earlier this month we started this feature with an interview featuring Ryan Phillips of NIS America, now we turn our attention to Graham Smith of DrinkBox Studios. Sit back and relax as we talk to Graham about DrinkBox, the perks of a smaller studio, and his advice to those aspiring to join the ranks of the gaming industry." PSLS

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alexcosborn2329d ago

Pretty interesting. Love to see smaller studios find success.

ftwrthtx2329d ago

Smaller studios are the future of gaming IMO. With the collapse of 38 studios, these smaller guys show even more promise.

insertcoin2329d ago

Heh, indie devs only play indie games it seems.

Sanquine902329d ago

Drinkbox is indeed awesome!! Mutant blobs was fantastic! It by far the best downloadable game on my vita

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