Xbox 360 Kinect 3 Pack Is $59.99 On, While Supplies Last

Joining the Xbox 360 Action Pack released yesterday, the Xbox 360 Kinect 3-Pack is now available on, for as long as there is stock.

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chukamachine2423d ago

Considering how bad kinect actually is, it's not worth the money.

thebudgetgamer2423d ago

You would have to pay me for that crap.

NoobJobz2423d ago

Kinect Sports is fun. The other two......not so much.

IQUITN4G2423d ago

And yet i like Kinect very much. It's very popular when my cousins visit too. i like a variety of games from Halo, Gears and Bayonetta to different experiences too that offer a fresh new experience. It's not for everyone but i like Kinect just fine as do others. It's not that hard to describe something you don't like as bad but then what of those that enjoy the experience of Kinect