Dead Trigger Probes Boundaries Of iOS And Android Graphics

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Games like Dead Trigger have to make iOS and Android fans smile, then give the finger to console players convinced there's no future in mobile. Here we have a shockingly beautiful first-person shooter from Madfinger Games (of Shadowgun fame) that looks similar to Valve's Left 4 Dead series. Scratch that, it looks even better.

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mochachino2383d ago

Looks good but I still need analogs for aiming and movement.

JDW2382d ago

Funny, when I see a game on a console I think "Looks good but I still need keyboard/mouse for aiming and movement."

dark-hollow2382d ago

analog sticks are fine for fps games.
touch screens are HORRENDOUS for fps games.

JDW2382d ago

Sure they are, that's why console FPS games have aim assist and larger hitboxes.

Spenok2381d ago

Couldn't agree more. Most Cellphone games are pretty shitty simply for the fact of the touch screen interface.

DJLB21152382d ago

I respectfully disagree. If you are truly a natural beast at gaming u can do so on any platform. Fps controls ain't the best but they still work. Modern combat series on iOS is great. I'll will most def check this out. Maybe I'll even buy it lol

MGRogue20172382d ago

Looks great.. I hope it's optimized for Xperia Play's hardware controls

teedogg802382d ago

yawn....oh well, better get back to Resistance on my Vita. A real portable FPS.