Former Call of Duty guru Robert Bowling dishes on his move from triple-A to indie

“When you’re a massive brand with a massive budget, people want to work with you for the money,” Robert Bowling said in a recent exclusive interview with GamesBeat. While subtle, it’s a distinct reference to how business works at his previous employer and the world’s largest video game publisher, Activision.

Things are different now, though. Bowling made headlines in March when he abruptly left his position as creative strategist at Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward and, by extension, parent company Activision. Many in the industry thought the obvious destination for Bowling was Respawn Entertainment, the two-year-old independent studio staffed by several Modern Warfare alumni, including previous Infinity Ward heads Vince Zampella and Jason West. However, a month after leaving Activision, Bowling announced his own self-funded studio, Robotoki. It was a bold step, especially in this economic climate, but it was one he felt he had to make.

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acronkyoung2384d ago

Should be interesting to see what kind of games he makes without the funds to compete with triple-A shooters.

Megaton2383d ago

Hard to really call himself "indie" when he's got copious amounts of money to spend on whatever he's developing. When I think of "indie", I think of Amanita Design. A handful of people with limited means in the Czech Republic putting out fantastic adventure games. Not some multi-millionaire who got bored of CoD.

InFAMOUS12383d ago

I don't think he has unlimited funds. Nor do I think he is as wealthy as you say.. He drew a moderate 6 figure salary at IW and is by no means a multi-millionaire.

Megaton2383d ago

According to Google, he's worth $18 million. Who knows how accurate that is, but I think it's a very safe assumption that he has at least several million in the bank.

blinkingfast2383d ago

Indie is short for Independent which the company clearly is. the company is Independent from any other company from ownership.

he was the front man for IW. really the PR dude. he was not a designer or programer. he was a group project manager.

Grimhammer002383d ago

Creative strategist - Indie Developer?

I don't actually know what a creative strategist is....but I don't think it's at all related to programming. No?

InTheLab2383d ago

Can someone explain to my why this man matters? I am serious. What exactly did he do at IW?