Call of Duty 4 - Xbox 360 Patch Delays Explained

Fans of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare have been enjoying the online portion of their game for a couple of months now. Call of Duty 4's modern styling with Infinity Ward's unique approach to multiplayer have provided gamers with a design that slowly reveals more of itself as you level up over time. Increasing the longevity of the title when compared to the more common standard approach other titles have used.

We've been waiting for the update to make that experience even better, and here's an explanationas to where it's at and why it's gone astray.

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Nameless5497d ago

It is obvious that the real reason the 360 version patch was delayed is because they worked on the PS3 version first.

Apocwhen5497d ago

Well the PS3 patch has been delayed too. Sony returned it back to IW to fix some stuff so it'll be February sometime at the earliest before it gets out now. It's amazing how such a great game in single player has one of the worst online experiences in multiplayer. Multiplayer is great went it works, and I know people in the US can get join games relatively fast, but I know alot of people here in the EU that still have to wait 20 - 30 minutes to get into a Lobby and then once it starts "Host Ended Game....Stand down, it's a draw!". We don't want to hear that after 30 minutes of waiting :)

At least I have Warhawk and UT3.

Gamingisfornerds5497d ago (Edited 5497d ago )

The PS3 also has this annoying issue, atleast it did last Saturday when I played this game on my friends's PS3.

They better fix this sooner than later, it's annoying as hell. When you're having a great game and someone decides to leave because he's sucking at the game and happens to be the host, everyone get's kicked out. I don't understand how they let this through testing to begin with. It's really idiotic to say the least.

Otherwise the MP in this game is fantastic though, no doubt.

AllroundGamer5497d ago

the stability of COD4 MP (console versions) is very weak, i don't know how it could even pass the QA with so many bugs...

Panthers5497d ago

Lol you havent played many online games on consoles. This one is far from the worst.

KillJoi995497d ago

Major MS. Althouh the servers have gotten better, it still take up to 10 minuites to get a party of 6 in to a game.

RRoDx3605497d ago

It's because Xbox Live has major issues and the developers don't want to pay $50 just for a patch.

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