Britxbox: Max Payne 3 Review

Mark Lawson writes: "Max Payne, both the man and the franchise is one of a tortured existence. Nine years since the last game, Max is still hurting from the deaths of his wife and child. A new look, new location, new job and new developer; Rockstar brings the Payne to the current generation along with the booze, pills, bullets and melodrama you come to expect.

Max Payne 3 is a mature game for a mature audience. Solid gameplay with a hard-boiled script shows that video games can be taken seriously as works of fiction without compromising the actual game aspect of them. The high difficulty and over abundance of cutscenes may put off people hoping for a mindless shooter. It’s a different experience to the typical Rockstar games, but the conviction in the final product stands out as a Payne worth enduring."

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