Gamers petition for Diablo III offline gaming patch

Instead of a $60 leash

We must admit that we never expected Blizzard to resort to lousy DRM methods, especially ones that have already proven to be more than a bit faulty. Unfortunately, the company did just that with Diablo III, but it seems to have brought about quite a loud response from the masses.

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zeal0us2331d ago

Blizzard told gamers what they was doing for Diablo 3 and some gamers still brought it in-sprite knowing about the DRM. You get what you paid for.

Aloren2330d ago

No we don't, since after 2 weeks, we still get a shitload of errors almost everyday, and as a result, the game is often unplayable.

Brawler2330d ago

If there was an offline mode there would be a lot less pissed off people. I wouldn't dare try to make a hardcore character knowing you can lose it cause of lag spikes

dericb112330d ago

They gamers showed tons of support from the sales numbers we know. They deserve it.

Aloren2330d ago

Why do they deserve it ? it tomorrow psn+ bugs and your psn+ free games don't work for 2 weeks, will you say you deserved it ?

Hicken2330d ago

They deserve it because they knew what they were getting into ahead of time and let it slide anyway. The bugs and things DO suck, but it might be more bearable if you could play offline and not worry.

As it stands, though, even a character you have no intention of going online with is in danger because your connection to the server may lag. Bugs and things like that may suck, but it wouldn't be nearly as much of an issue if your character were relatively safe.

It isn't.

But you bought it anyway.

You get what you pay for.

Aloren2330d ago

Well, then I guess we didn't pay for the same thing.
I paid to play the game, agreeing to be connected to the internet to do so. If my connection were down and I couldn't play, then yeah, it would suck, and I would "deserve it". However, I never paid agreeing that blizzard could have non functioning servers half the time.

This is not different from any other game requiring to be online, whether it's mmorpgs or whatever. If it doesn't work, you don't "deserve it", as far as I'm concerned.

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ardivt2330d ago

most of the errors are connecting errors to the online servers. If you don't have to connect, you don't have the error. It's not that hard to understand.

people would never have thought that blizzard would not be able to make decent authentication servers after so many years with experience with world of warcraft.

Hufandpuf2330d ago

It's not going to happen.

kevnb2330d ago

Most people are ok with it after cheaters ruined Diablo 2.

Aloren2330d ago

You don't understand. The problem is not really the DRM in itself (although it still shouldn't be there). the problem is that blizzard forced this DRM on us and they are unable to keep the servers running smoothly.
If you're going to force people to be connected to play your game, the least you can do is to ensure that the systems runs flawlessly on your end.

I'm personally glad that cheaters no longer exist in diablo, however, I'd rather play with cheaters instead of being unable to play with my own game.

tallkidoPL2330d ago

If you want long offline game get witcher 2,it has 16 different story endings...

kevnb2330d ago

Completely different game. Diablo 3 is much better co-op than solo anyway. Its meant to be played that way, that's why you can play with strangers if nobody else will play.

Nodoze2330d ago

It requires the online servers to work. If I understand correctly all of the quests, loot drops, dungeons etc are all provided by server side code.

In other words no offline mode possible.

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The story is too old to be commented.