VG247: Hitman: Absolution – hands-on video and impressions

VG247: Hitman Absolution brings new meaning to the phrase “killing time”. Head in for the first ever hands-on demo footage from Sam Clay and detailed impressions from Stace Harman.

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JKelloggs2332d ago

This game is looking amazing, cannot wait for it.

The range of choices is pretty cool tbh

reznik_zerosum2332d ago

even better than CGI and that was so good,and there was so many newbies crying

PersonMan2332d ago

The graphics look outstanding. Is this on the PS3? I love the lighting in this.

PersonMan2332d ago

Why do you doubt it is? Hitman Absolution is being lead on PS3, why wouldn't they show off the best version (the native version) of the game?

bauer0072332d ago

Incredible, should of been PS3 Exclusive though...

omi25p2331d ago

Why should it have been a PS3 exclusive.

bauer0072331d ago

Because then IO could of created a superior game, instead of being dragged down by the obsolete 360...

omi25p2331d ago

Superior Game LOL!!

Dont know if you've seen Max Payne 3 recently but that game not only looks better than Uncharted 3 it also runs on the 360.

Sure it may have 2 disks but its not that hard to change them. I'd Rather have to change the disk and have it run much smoother. Than not have to change the disk but have the graphics and general smoothness of the game be effected.

The PS3 isnt as "Superior" as you think