The Illusion of Choice: An Alpha Protocol Retrospective

GamingLives looks at Alpha Protocol - the positive aspects that made it a joy to play several times over, and the bad port that caused a low meta-score

"Before its release in June 2010, there was much hype around Alpha Protocol. It promised an espionage-themed, modern-day action RPG with the usual trifecta of engaging gameplay, exciting action and player-driven story. On release, however, it was hailed as something of a disappointment; there were control issues, graphical bugs, AI quirks, a few design problems and the PC version was a bit of a mess (or, more accurately, a lazy port) unless you were willing to put a fair amount of effort into fiddling with ini files. It ended up with scores of 72, 63 and 64 on Metacritic for the PC, 360 and PS3 versions respectively – hardly a ringing endorsement. All that being said, I have played Alpha Protocol through to completion on no less than ten occasions."

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Son_Lee2331d ago

I played through it three times back-to-back-to-back without playing anything else in between. RARE for me. It is truly a crime that we won't get a sequel. Such fantastic potential.

Lord_Sloth2331d ago

Agreed. I loved that game! It got a bad rep and it really didn't deserve so much hate. The aiming was a little wonky but if they could get a sequel going, I'd buy it straight up.

I wish the game would at least get some mods on the PC version.