Lara Croft coming March 5th 2013

While we knew that Tomb Raider had slipped to a 2013 release, the actual date seems to have been confirmed on their latest gameplay trailer just shown on GTTV.

The game will be released Tuesday March 5th 2013. Just under year until we get our hands on this fantastic looking reboot!

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N47H112330d ago

Looks brilliant, can't wait!

Agent_00_Revan2330d ago

Going to be a long 9 month wait.

AgreeFairy2330d ago

Of course it's not the REAL Lara Croft. It's the alternate universe whiny useless bitch version of Lara Croft. The one that completely ruins her backstory and makes her worthless. This isn't even a real Tomb Raider game. They should just kill off the franchise if they're ruining it like this.