Konami pre-E3 show 2012

The creators of Castlevania, Metal Gear, and more highlight what's in store for E3!

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andibandit2421d ago

How many troops this time?

linkenski2421d ago

Konami at E3: If you don't have enough to announce, fill the gaps with irrelevant comedy.

DJLB21152421d ago

all the Rising haters will be eating more than crow when it comes out. Then watch everyone hop on the bandwagon. *typical*

AgreeFairy2421d ago

Nope. It will continue to suck yet still be overrated. I won't even touch the game (not even worth a rental). I don't care about mediocre hack & slash gameplay especially from this fake metal gear.

DJLB21152421d ago

PLEASE tell me what you do care about. Do you condiser yourself a metal gear fan?

RedDead2421d ago

"Game looks good. Haters gonna hate. This is why studios like Infinity Ward don't try out new ideas, gamers are so unaccepting to change and would shit on anything that doesn't look like it's predecessors. But when it does look like its predecessors, it's "OMG couldn't they have done something different geez I don't wanna play the same game again". Make up your fucking mind gamers"

nice comment for Youtube of all places. RIsing looks amazing. If you don't like how it looks a I can only assume you don't like Hack and Slash games. Because it looks amazing in a genre full of amazing games.

DJLB21152420d ago

Yeah man so e people are never satisfied. Oh well, thisnisngood for me on 2 fronts cuz ive never played ZOE so if I get the HD collection I get an early access demo to Rising? Anything w Kojima at the helm, I, down for it. Bring it on lol