Socom Servers Shutting Down For HD Remake?

PushStartSelect: "Could Sony be shutting down the Socom servers in preparation of an HD Remake release? Sony has announced that Socom servers for the PS2 and PSP will be shutting down in August. Believe it or not, the game is still somewhat popular to fans as this has outraged a lot of them. 6 years into the PS3′s life, and some of the rest of us didn’t even know the servers were still running."

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zeal0us2335d ago

Some Socom fans wish there was HD remake in the works. I doubt there will be HD remake after what happen to Zipper.

PirateThom2335d ago

Don't need Zipper for an HD remake.

Tachyon_Nova2335d ago

Yes but you do need a substantial fan base. After the last few SOCOM games, I don't think a large one exists.

brettyd2335d ago

C'mon now that would actually be smart and please fans, won't happen.

stephmhishot2335d ago

I don't think its that crazy, Sony has released a bunch of HD remakes that people have wanted.

Ser2335d ago

I would sink SO many hours into a Socom 2 HD remake. COUNTLESS hours.

Dan502335d ago

I thought PS2 games had online cut off years ago?

SantanaClaus892335d ago

You're thinking of original xbox titles. There are still plenty of PS2 games that can be played online.

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The story is too old to be commented.