Max Payne 3 Is Simply Awesome (PushStartSelect Review)

PushStartSelect: "I don’t know what other way to put it. I keep playing different parts of the game, sitting there trying to think “how do I describe this to our PushStartSelect readers” and I keep thinking how awesome it is. You do hit areas where the game is absolutely frustrating, or points where it feels you need to be perfect to get any further. However it follows up those area’s with great writing and action sequences that are hard to forget. If this was a movie I might be thinking it’s just a stereotypical action sequence, but the game brings it to life like no other and you can help but to think “wow that was insane!”"

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pandehz2330d ago

Was this a pc review too?

Ive been searching pc reviews for sometime, any idea on when the embargo lifts?

chaldo2330d ago

I think you'll see some tomorrow or saturday because it neeeds to be activated at midnight for digital and retail copies.