Assassin's Creed III - Ubiworkshop Edition Announced

Ubisoft just announced the Ubiworkshop Edition of Assassin's Creed III and its' contents. It'll be available for sale on the Ubiworkshop store.

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Godchild10202330d ago

I would buy it if it came with that statue. That statue is badass.

Spenok2330d ago

Most definitely agreed. However I don't have to much hope of this coming stateside. For some reason Ubi likes to give Europe the best collectors editions for this series :/

Nate-Dog2330d ago

The Ubi store ships pretty much everything worldwide, including this.

user54670072330d ago

Another Encyclopedia

I knew they should of waited when they did this for AC Revealtions. They should wait untill they are ready to finish off the franchise.

This is ridiculous though, so many editions of this game.

I thought the whole point more expensive editions come out is so you get new contents PLUS all the stuff in the previous editions.

They should have a Ultimite edition with EVERYTHING in

I mean I'm getting the Freedom Edition but you don't get the medallion from the Join or Die edition...even though your paying more for it. It's stupid really, they're trying to make you buy two editions.