PostDesk Review - Max Payne 3: The cover system that ruined a classic hero

Chris Farnell dives sideways into Rockstar's latest offering, Max Payne 3. Even though the slow-motion bullet play of the previous titles is still alive and well, a new story and some questionable mechanics make this an uninspiring third chapter.

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jc485732332d ago

I honestly feel the game needs it. You wouldn't believe how many times I died in the previous Max Payne games.

Valenka2332d ago

Max Payne wasn't ruined because of a cover system. It's a modern feature and a very realistic one at that. Having to strafe left and right while shooting at enemies is just stupid. Before the cover system was implemented for the first time, no one much thought of strafing previously. Now it's a staple for most shooters. Nothing wrong with that.

A poorly written article by a bunch of ass-hurt fanboys.

jc485732332d ago

and what people don't get is that the cover system doesn't make the game any easier. Max Payne 3 is still hard game.

Kran2332d ago

I honestly believe that Max Payne 3 is the best of the lot.

Sure, there's no comic book cutscenes and so forth, but it felt like Max Payne... but better.

Mr_cheese2332d ago

Love how the publisher of this article has disagreed with everybody. Check his bio, it's his site as well.