Research suggests minimum gaming age should be enforced

Technology experts concerned with the development of children have this week offered that videogames should be withheld from kids until they reach the age of seven, claiming that gaming before such an age creates the risk of damaging attention spans and learning abilities.

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Violater4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

Agreed , unless we are talking about educational games and no learning to keep your pimp hand strong in GTA is not considered educational.

v1c1ous4670d ago

less kids messing with my gears of war experience online.

but realistically, this would ensure that the occurrence of becoming addicted to gaming and putting off school is somewhat minimized.

Leathersoup4670d ago

I think that like television it's best no to start your children on AVP movies so much as Sesame Street. There used to be a company called wrote kids games primarily. Unfortunately they were shut down.

xionpunk4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

No this is stupid. Parents should make that decision as well as what types of games their kids play. Of course there will be those who dont pay attention to what their kids are doing, but trying to do that job for
all parents is wrong and , lets face it, probably would never work anyway.

EDIT: Im not saying we should let 7 year olds play gears of war or anything though. But I dont think games are bad for kids that age or under.

gamesR4fun4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

another shrink a with an axe to grind
Jane Healy google her all she writes about is how bad games are since the 90's...

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