8bitfix Review - Warrior's Orochi 3

Warriors from ancient China and Japan must come together once more to protect the world. Orochi has been defeated, yet now a fierce hydra threatens to devour the world. Many great warriors and heroes have already fallen, yet thanks to the mysterious Kaguya, our heroes are able to travel back in time in order to save their allies and change the course of the future in order to defeat the hydra. Along the way, they must discover the truth about the horrible creature’s origin, along with who truly masterminds Earth’s destruction. - Emily "Darkcamllama" Hatcher

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AdamTaylor2333d ago

I think the game was great. But then it was designed for the "Warriors" fans. If you're not one for the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors titles, then you might not enjoy this one all that much.

But for anyone who's a fan of the series (like the countless ones who have every title), then this was an amazing title. Great fun solo or co-op. The story was rather well done, and the time travel aspect was well implemented.