Gamers outraged over Sony terminating servers for ‘SOCOM’

Sony plans to terminate all ‘SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs’ servers for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable by August 31, 2012. In response the gaming community has expressed their outrage.

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sinncross4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Sony should make the online portion of Socom 2 an HD re-release for PSN and at a reasonable price at that.

Seriously... at a good price, even people who may know about the game from others may give it a try.

Well, I feel that is the least Sony could do. Here is hoping for something at e3!

decrypt4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Question is Why did Sony shutdown the servers. Till this day i play CS and Warcraft 3, you dont hear about those servers going down.


Poor console gamers.

T9004023d ago


Those are PC games you are refering to. PC games are known to have a large life. With console things are different.

Notice how not only do Servers get shutdown, but even games are not compatible from one gen to another. People are later given HD remakes. With PC older games just can be played on your current machine. Hell i am currently playing some some old Dos games via Dosbox.

Hence you cant compare those 2 platforms, one is open platform with users having all the control, other is closed platform and is controlled by the platform owner.

FlashXIII4023d ago


Precisely why Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo can talk up their consoles, next gen and everything else but they'll never ever be as good as PC games.. <3 PC Gaming!

Drekken4023d ago

Surprise, Surprise... gamers complaining.

CS servers shutting down? lmao. For someone still playing CS it is pretty oblivious of you not to know that someone is paying for the servers you play on.... not valve. Its a person with the same interest as you paying monthly for the server you enjoy.

FlashXIII4023d ago


While this is 100% true, I don't see either Microsoft or Sony finding ways around this to incorporate it more into their consoles to allow people to play their games regardless of if the official servers are shut down.

T9004023d ago


Thats because most console games are designed around p2p type of play and dont have dedicated servers.

Also console makers dont like it if people keep playing the same old games, its bad for business. Hence they want to have a way to pull the plug on a game. This doesnt happen on PC because its an open platform and people tend to find work arounds. There are even thirdparty softwares that allow people to host Lan games via the internet. PC users just have too many ways out.

Overall console makers like to keep a control over their platform and the content on that system. They dont like it when a game overstays its welcome. They would rather like the users to go out buy the next game.

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NovusTerminus4023d ago

Servers get canceled, it happens. To this day I STILL miss my Monster Hunter servers...

colonel1794023d ago

That's why I don't like about games going online, and online passes and all that stuff.

There are some games that require you to be online, or require an online pass etc, but what happens in few years when you want to play? Won't be able. Servers will not be available. Sadly, there are even offline games that require you to be online, so they will become useless in some years.

I really don't think we will be able to play old games 10 or 15 years from now like we can play NES games, or even atari games if we find a working console. In the future it will be like: "Sorry servers not longer available, game could not be started, online pass could not be redeem, etc"

Ser4023d ago

I heard that.

I was playing online with my friends the day the MH servers died. Manly tears were shed that day, friends.

TitanUp4023d ago

gosh i sure do love pc gaming.

Ser4022d ago

If only PC gaming had Monster Hunter / Socom...

L6RD7BLU34023d ago

Please stop wipe those tears and move on with other great gaming experiences, and yeah maybe hope for an HD remake

suicidalblues4023d ago

Exactly. Personally I think Sony should be praised for keeping the servers going for so long. I mean seriously, we're 6+ years into the ps3 for Christ's sake. I don't see anyone else keeping servers going that long for last Gen games.

Neko_Mega4023d ago

Isn't this not up to Sony fully? Isn't it more of the lines up to Zipper? But seeing how they are gone, theirs no support for the servers.

So why keep something up if theirs no support?

JAMurida4023d ago

Not surprising. I won't say a lot but there are people who literally grew up with the franchise such as myself. So it's not wonder why people are outraged about it. I'm still somewhat mind-blown about Zipper Interactive getting shutdown, (Was and still is one of the VERY few devs out there that I like), but I do think that just as the saying goes, "All goods things must come to an end". I've had my memories of the game and closer with it.

s2 for life!

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