Star Fox + Metroid Crossover Not In Development

Gaming Unwrapped: "The website Paul Gale Network which rumored of a title in development at Retro Studios named Star Fox – Metroid: Fusion Saga has now declared this rumor officially debunked."

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PopRocks3592329d ago

Ah well. Doesn't matter. Whatever Retro is working on will probably still be awesome.

That said, this was an interesting pitch. Too bad we won't ever see what the result could have been.

wampdog292329d ago

Well said, well said...

dark-hollow2329d ago

i am TOTALLY glad that this abomination wont see the light of day!

who the hell made this silly rumor in the first place?
its like one of those 13 years-old kid crappy fan fiction.

wampdog292329d ago

Well, that's not totally right to say because the game as an idea DID exist at some point.

ronin4life2329d ago

I liked the concept of a metroid OR starfox having elements of both games in one, just not the character crossover bit.
The anthropomorphic animal people wouldn't't look right next to [email protected][email protected];

Shok2329d ago

Was so glad when I heard this news.

It was a terrible idea IMO.

mike1up2329d ago

How incredibly shocking. /s

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The story is too old to be commented.