Xbox Family Reviews NFL Tour 2.5 out of 10

Review Quote:
"Players don't resemble their real life counter-parts at all. The arenas you play in all look alike and vary almost only by color. I suppose the same could be said for the players if you think about it. The animations are fluid, but I can tell you something else that's fluid after I eat at Taco Bell. Both are as enjoyable to look at. And both can be described with the same four letter word."

- Why did EA do this to football fans?
- No discount makes this game worth money
- I'd rather play 1985's Tecmo Bowl
- If you "need" exaggerated football, pick up last year's Street

Final Score: 2.5 out of 10

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name4665d ago

Why would EA do this to football fans? Because football fans have no other choice?

wageslave4665d ago

NFL Tour is a Xbox 360 **AND** PS3 title.

Perhaps the editor would like to spread this shiat over all the consoles that it belongs?

But, alas, this is the Sony Defence Force N4G -- every opportunity to pretend PS3 isn't a great failure...

"Lets take Multi-platform game reviews and submit them as if they were not!!1!" -- Sony Defence Force

Approve. Approve. Approve. Apporve!!!1!

GunShotEddy4665d ago

You I don't think a site named "Xbox Family" reviews PS3 games. So tacking PS3 onto this submission wouldn't be fair to the PS3 version. If Sony sites choose to go easier on their version, that's their choice as reviews are only opinions anyways.

But you can't expect this review to apply to the PS3 version since it's not the PS3 version being reviewed.

name4665d ago

Wait, so you're accusing ps3 owners of making multiplatform games look exclusive? I need to make sure that's what you're saying before I comment.

GunShotEddy4665d ago

Remember E3? Sony showed Unreal Tournament III as a PS3 exclusive despite it being announced as a multi-platform timed exclusive and conveniently left out the word "timed".

Now that's a rare case and not what the xbox fanboy was talking about, but I just like pointing stuff out. ;)

Besides that, no Sony doesn't try to make multi-platform games look exclusive. At least no more than any other company does. Remember Guitar Hero II commercials? They all ended with the Xbox 360 logo. That was multi-platform though.