10 Xbox 360 Games We Want Announced at E3 2012

From the feature top 10 list:

"Oh the infamous Entertainment Electronic Expo. In the next week, a certifiable heap of new gaming announcements, information and news will be dumped in the span of three glorious days, offering fleeting glimpses of the games players will be fixated on for the next year. The annual marathon of gaming excitement and hype naturally lends itself to rampant speculation and frevrant wishing. Hope springs eternal in the lead up to E3; and here are ten things that would make E3 2012 dreams come true."

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LaurenKB1232385d ago

Diablo 3 on consoles, please!!!!

Hicken2385d ago

Unless it's got some form of the same DRM as the PC version. In which case, I'll pass.

Hell, I'm passing anyway, on principle, BECAUSE of the DRM for the PC version.

UltimaEnder2385d ago

All 10 would be amazing, we'll be lucky if we get one of em...

user54670072385d ago

"Final Fantasy Versus XIII"

LOL....yeah I'm sure thats going to happen after everything Nomura has said about keeping it an exclusive. I don't think he would be very happy if it turned out to be multiplatform

I'd rather it go to the Wii U if it was to go multiplatform, least then nothing would be held back like with FF13. I do not want to see DLC which is obviously cut content

Snookies122385d ago

Wow, you summed up exactly what I've been saying for years lol.

GameOn2384d ago

It would just be a waste on WiiU because it would be held back by PS3.

MadMen2385d ago

Killer Instinct 1 and 2 arcade

KI3 announcement

ieatbabies2385d ago

10.Bungie's new game - Might as well be an exclusive if it's only going to be ported a year later. Lol, I guess Microsoft wasted another $50 million for that to happen. Microsoft is that desperate.

9. Final Fantasy - Putting those games on XBOX 360 was a mistake. They actually lost money porting that garbage, which sold much much better on the PS3.

8. Star Wars Battlefront 3 - Unlikely

7. Jet Set Radio 3 - Unlikely

6. Respawn Entertainment's New Games - Maybe.

5. Gears Prequel Series - Unlikely.

4. Twisted Pixel's New Game - Maybe

3. Rare: Unlikely

2. Console Diablo III - Unlikely

1. Valve said they weren't doing a Half-Life 2: Episode 3

GameOn2384d ago

FFXIII was a shite rushed port on xbox. Can you blame us for not being interested?

DiRtY2384d ago

FF XIII sold 2 million on 360. Which is 4 times as much as Twisted Metal, 15 times as much as Starhawk, twice as much as Resistance 3.

2 million is not bad, it was a good move by Square. They made about 60 million USD with a simple port.

ieatbabies2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Dirty: Which is correct. TM,SH and R3 have not sold well. Below my expectations. No advertisements at all.

TM - Great online, but lacked a good single player and Jaffe had low expectations. You never create or go into a situation for whatever reasons only to hope it won't do well. You should always be positive.

SH- Great online, but single player lacked. Online was a bit of a mess.

R3 - Single player was good, but online was too much of a C.O.D rip-off

FF is milked too the point where it has fallen from it's glory days. What else can S.E do now?

I just think certain games should stay exclusive to whatever system it was originally on or had the most success.

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