RipTen Rewind: Blood Drive (PlayStation 3)

Chris Young writes, It’s a new week and time for another RipTen Rewind. For the uninitiated, the RipTen Rewind goes back and grabs a game that is more than a year old, in the $25 range and sporting an average rating around 5. The review will be a little more condensed while also taking a look the game’s impact since release, staying power and overall opinion of the title present day. So let’s get our rides gassed up and ready for this week’s high speed edition of the RipTen Rewind.

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browland12384d ago

Excellent Review! I never heard of this game before, but I will definitely check it out.

chrisyoung04222384d ago


You guys did not miss anything too cool.

PaladinXII2383d ago

I get it! Blood Drive! Like the Red Cross. Save a life by killing zombies. LOL