Disney Interactive Studios E3 2012 Company Spotlight

One thing Disney is known for, for better or for worse, is that the company loves to rely upon its deep source material.

Last year that appeared to hurt a bit more than it helped, as just about every game Disney Interactive showed at E3 2011 received mixed or disappointing reviews. This included the promising Disneyland Adventures, a title made specifically for the Kinect. This year, however, Disney is bringing a true AAA title with the one and only Mickey Mouse back into its lineup, in the hopes of making E3 2012 one to remember for the studio.

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italianbreadman3308d ago

That reminds me... Epic Mickey is yet unfinished in my backlog. I've got paint to spray all over the place.

FarCryLover1823308d ago

New Turok please Disney? If you don't want to do it, sell the rights please!

TheLyonKing3308d ago

Be a shock if it was disney who lifted the lid on any KH news :P