Battlefield 3 Premium Service confirmed by Sony

The Preview for the PlayStation Store Update EU later today confirmed the rumored Battlefield 3 Premium Service. Price and date also confirmed.

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Drabent2331d ago

Ghost recon 3 + Max payne > battlefreeze 3........feels so good playing fun games without input lag^^

MGRogue20172331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

Gotta' love it in BF3 when your having so much fun spawn-killing the enemy's team base with a AH-1 Super Cobra or Mi-28 chopper & the game freezes on your ass. :D

Serves me right for spawn-killing the enemy base, I guess.. but still not a nice way to end anyone's fun though.

I've noticed it freezes whenever something epic is about to happen.. ffs.. xD

DontShoot-Me-Bro2331d ago

This is just stupid.

All they are going to do is divide the community. Battlefield does not have the pulling factor like Call of duty. So stop trying to be like it. Atleast make the DLC £7.99 not freakin £11.99! I want this DLC but i'm not going to be paying that much.

And to compete with COD's Elite service, why make it more expensive! seriously, why not make it cheaper! it should be £25 for premium and £7.99 each DLC.

EA/DICE are a-holes

Holeran2331d ago

They should really fix the input lag before trying to sell more crap to the PS3 public.

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The story is too old to be commented.