SOCOM Servers Shutting Down

After almost 10 years of what numerous gamers proclaim has been the “greatest 3rd Person Shooter of all-time”, Sony has announced that the previous generations of the SOCOM servers will close on August 31, 2012.

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Nitrowolf23907d ago

Bye Socom,

Some of the best memories i ever had with my ps2

sinncross3907d ago

What I do not get is why does Sony not just do an HD re-release of Socom 2 (which many socom loyalists say is the best) and just put the MP portion onto the PSN and see how that goes.

BattleAxe3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Thats exactly what I've been saying. Its a no brainer that a re-release of Socom 2 would top the charts on the Playstation Store. I would love for Sony Santi Monica, or maybe even Sucker Punch to try to make an authentic online Socom just release a bunch of maps from all the PS2 Socom games, then Sony could hire Bluepoint Studios (GoW1 & 2 remake) to remake all the campaigns from the PS2 Socoms. I loved all of the Socom games on PS2. Most of the people on my friends list I met back in the Socom 2/3 days :(

@ TechGear,

I think you're the dumbest thing I've ever heard of !

You damn Noob ! LMFAO

hulk_bash19873907d ago


Nice try troll.....nice try.

AtomicGerbil3906d ago


Not everybody is a slave to CoD, besides, with a brand new release every twelve months a HD remake would be a waste of time.

decrypt3906d ago

Why are they shutting servers down if Fans like it so much?

I think games should be supported alot longer. I currently play Dota and CS which are both over 10 years old and still supported. I would be furious if i couldnt play those 2 games.

Commodore3906d ago

@Tech Gear

This is where I'd use my "Reach through the computer screen and punch the troll in the face" Card.

dale_denton3906d ago

TechGear.. so how are you doing on this lovely day? oh yeah? SERVED.

XboxInnovation3906d ago

Because Sony is stupid. They'd rather focus on shooters no one plays online like Killzone and resistance

Tapewurm3906d ago

They really should do a Legacy Version of Socom and make it HD with all the maps from all the console Socom Titles (new and old) I am glad to see that Socom 4 and Confrontation are not on that list. I just finished playing a few rounds of both earlier this morning. Really surprised to see how may folks still play Confrontation (It took Slant 6 several patches, but the game plays great) and also it is nice to see alot of folks still playing Socom 4. Really sucks that Zipper had to bite it, but there was such a negative presence on their forums...all the real fans were playing the game while the whiners and negative folks posted Zipper out of existance. Sad really. :.(

orange-skittle3906d ago

Socom 2 in HD sounds like something I would buy again. I rarely pay for rehashed games just because they are in HD, but Socom 2 would definitely get my money.

pixelsword3906d ago

What they need to do is to make all of the Socom boards out of the new Socom engine and put it out free as DLC to Socom4; that will appease most Socom players plus get more sales to the Socom game.

fatstarr3906d ago

Because you know they will botch the job.

all they would have to do is add HD texture packs and add in the Multi player element upgraded. kinda like the legend of zelda ocarina 64 HD update on emulators. its simple

Soldierone3906d ago

Thinking about it, the announcement is coming oddly just before who knows. Sony obviously loves the HD collections to death, it is still possible.

Gamer-Z3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )


COD isn't even what it used to be either, its just rehash after rehash that the COD zombies eat up every year like dumb asses.

Jayjayff3906d ago

Old Socom,yes. New Socom, no. That's my argument, try to invalid.

flankhim3906d ago

Zipper should have done what activision did. Come out with a new game with the same gameplay with new maps every year. They would have made $$$millions!

mugoldeneagle033906d ago

If you look at that Playstation Blog Share program that never really took off, it's been in the top 15 since it first started.

Such a large demand, and Sony for some just turns on the blinders. I don't get it.

Such great childhood memories :(

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showtimefolks3907d ago

please release socom hd collection or atleast socom 2 hd

Ser3906d ago

Same here. Socom was my first foray into the online tactical shooter realm. I absolutely cannot believe that Sony isn't working to preserve the Socom brand with something other than the lame Socom 4.

Just dish out a remastered Socom 2 with full online support, Sony. 99% of your Socom fans would jump for joy if you did this. It's not that hard to see.

MrMister3906d ago

Yep Socom and now Metal Gear Online 2 (ps3) getting shut down this summer. The best third person TACTICAL shooters. Such a pity. Now we're stuck with all these lame games like COD (and BF3 is a great game, but not like socom and mgo).

Prince_Dim-Lu3906d ago

The online game that made me start gaming online. SOCOM and SOCOM 2 were the best. Great memories, incredible fun... This game is missed.

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urgentfury3907d ago

It really is a sad day... the game that started the Online Multiplayer for Shooters in Consoles :(

konnerbllb3907d ago

Sort of.. Quake 3 Arena was a hit on Dreamcast long before Socom was online.

MySwordIsHeavenly3907d ago

I certainly wouldn't call it a hit... :/ It was fun and I knew a few people who played it a couple of times, but it wasn't a commercial hit. Great game though! The same goes for Unreal Tournament on Dreamcast/PS2.

morganfell3906d ago

No, not like SOCOM. When SOCOM 2 came out you could look at the numbers of people online. There were more people in SOCOM 2 than on all of Xbox Live. The numbers were ridiculous and that game ate the lives of numerous people.

Nothing has ever equated to victory like winning Enowapi as a SEAL.

ZoyosJD3906d ago

@ Forza...not you again, your comparing 2010/11 XBL #'s to copies sold of a ps2/xbox/PC game.

He was clearly talking about the same timeframe back on the original xbox (not 360).

You love those facts, but you didn't even read what he said: "When SOCOM 2 came out..." That was 9 years ago.

Your comment is full of trollolololol.

Come back with 2003 numbers for XBL then compare.

orange-skittle3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

It was actually Unreal Tournament. People played that more than Quake. That game was a blast. Cant play those fast paced shooters anymore though. Serious twitch fest. Socom 1 and 2 had people awake until 2am knowing they had school in the morning. I had to work at 730 and I would be up until 3am back in 2002/2003. Socom was definitely a console seller.

Morganfell-You're right up until you mentioned XBL to an extent. When Halo 2 went online, the game started to change because then Rainbow Six and Halo ruled online. BTW, Enowapi was the worst map next to Darkness Falls. Everyone knows Desert Glory was the #1 map. That's why they always included it redone with every Socom.

Diver3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

ha ha ha forza. you are comparing a current gen title to last gen? ha ha ha.

don't you peeps get it. socom 2 was more popular than all of live when socom 2 was out an the hot ps2 title. most peeps moved to s3 when it came out.

for people that claim to be on the ball there sure are some here slow on the uptake.

well forza since you like to cross platforms when comparing numbers, do ya wanna talk cross gen sales? see how that works?

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mobhit3906d ago

I like how you act like Microsoft's little cheerleader in articles that have nothing to do with Microsoft...

BrianG3907d ago

Socom on PS2 opened me up to Shooters and Online Gaming in general. To this day I still consider Socom 2+3 two of the best online experiences I've ever had.

I still find myself bringing up the old PS2 days, going over a friends house to play for hours and hours on end, just because I had a crappy internet connection.

TheGameFoxJTV3906d ago

Socom 1 and 2, along with Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal for me.

OneAboveAll3907d ago

Primarily and Xbox gamer here but I did enjoy the shit out of the first two Socom games. The first one that came out was awesome and it was (i think, correct me if i'm wrong) the first PS2 game that came with a head set so you could use voice commands.

Sad times.

TheCrazyMerc3907d ago

I <3 Socom. Best Gaming Memories Ever.