Harley Quinn...Pregnant?

Is Harley Quinn really pregnant? This new Easter Egg in the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC may answer that question.

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Lord_Sloth2333d ago

Umm...We know she's pregnant...

omi25p2333d ago

There is a pregnancy test in the New Dlc inside a Cradle and its negative.

Laxman2333d ago

Its not his fautly he is too young to watch the video.

ATi_Elite2332d ago

Oh NO!

I knew I had one too many Tequila shots.

user54670072333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )


It would be a silly thing to do

Thatguyinthesuit2333d ago

It's still possible though, those negative could be previous checks before finally getting the positive result.

Still a Joker baby will never replace mARKHAMill.

CustardTrout2333d ago

That's like saying, she could have a twin because they haven't proven otherwise

Thatguyinthesuit2332d ago

Not my point, my point was that we can say she has a baby and we can say she doesn't. Either is plausible because the previous positive result could have been her last "test" and the set of negatives could have been ones from previous attempts.

All I'm saying is that this easter egg still does not deny the possibility of Harley being pregnant.

Kingdom Come2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

My guess is that Rocksteady became unsure how to progress Harleys Pregnancy into a plot point and therefor essentially erased the possibility through imple
Enting the negative pregnancy tests. I presumed that Batman would become somewhat of a guardian for her in the third title, protecting her as many members of the rogue gallery attempt to harm her and her child.

Agent_00_Revan2332d ago

yea thanks ass. didn't even make it a day.

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