Offspring Fling! Review (Armless Octopus)

Mike Wall of Armless Octopus reviews Offspring Fling! for PC "We here at Armless Octopus are proud of our pro-mother/pro-baby agenda. Other indie sites have balked our our goody-too shoes approach, but we generally – with exceptions, naturally – oppose eating babies, even though we all know their sweet undeveloped juices are as tasty as god’s urine. So it’s rather unsurprising that I had a natural affinity for Offspring Fling!, an adorable puzzle platformer about good old fashioned family values."

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Humble Weekly Sale Celebrates Open Source Gaming

Hardcore Gamer: The Humble Weekly sale starts a new week today, and with it comes a celebration of open source gaming. You can pay what you want for Magical Diary, NEO Scavenger (an early access game), Offspring Fling!, and Planet Stronghold. Paying $6 or more gets you Anodyne, Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten, the critically-acclaimed Evoland, and Incredipede

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Disembodied Voices Episode 51: The World Ends with Skunkbunnies


Do you know what a skunkbunny is? If not, you've come to the right place. Zachary had to bail at the last moment, so join the rest of the podcasters as they struggle to find something to talk about. No one has been playing very many games since last week's celebration, which forces Stephen to use his trump card: Animal Crossing. For some bizarre reason, Cameron doesn't give a flying turnip that the stalk market is down or that Lucy the pig is doing well, so he turns to Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance instead. After exhausting this curiously interesting topic, Bryan chats about King's Bounty: The Legend, recommends Offspring Fling, and cheerfully breaks a non-disclosure agreement.

A long-winded round of Predict it Like Pachter reveals the future of the videogame industry with razor-sharp uncertainty, followed by a long-winded outro. Somewhere in all that ordered chaos is the origin of the skunkbunny. There is only one reasonable course of action. Listen to Disembodied Voices Episode 51!

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Video: Offspring Fling! Gameplay Analysis | GamersNexus

This episode looks at Offspring Fling! (Steam page here), a well-designed platformer game in which you catapult your offspring as far and fast as possible in an attempt to complete your mission (you know, like real life). The video pretty much sums it all up, so I'll leave you to it, with the exception of two notes...

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