TGS 2006: Project Sylpheed Hands-On

From IGN "Square-Enix's second offering for Microsoft's Xbox 360 was on the floor at TGS 2006, and the object of quite a bit of attention. After braving the ever-present lines that plague the show floor, we managed to get our greasy paws on a controller and play for a little while. Our experience with the title was enjoyable for the most part. Project Sylpheed is a space shooter that lets players fly around a fully 3D space, and leans heavily toward the arcade side of the spectrum. This means there's no complex kind of piloting required, just slam the control sticks in any direction and you'll head where you want to."

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ernande5847d ago

Japan only release? Why spend all that money developing the game, only to skimp on translating the game for a global release?